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Use our Service if you need:
Middle or large scale projects of single family house design, tract house design, custom house design or large scale commercial, institutional or industrial design, etc.
We can deal with single building as well as larger area residential or commercial residential mix or transportation related facilities.
We can provided you with needed demand analysis, site potential analysis, design concept formulation, alternate design scheme studies and complete construction documentation preparations to meet your needs.
For foreign project, we can also provide you with needed help to interact with the public and private agencies. We have intensive experience to deal and in charge if needed with other professional groups.
Single family and custom house project: We could match your needs to start everything from scratch or use inexpensive online house plans to help you to modify the plans to fit your needs to save time and complete it as an construction documents.
Our professional architects and engineers will work together toward the satisfaction of your comprehensive requirement of the various project needs. Use the efficiency of the Internet, our consulting service can provide you with the quality, precision,and skill.
Here are some of the reasons why Prosperity Consulting Group are beneficial to you:
Our designed to meet the standard building code requirements of most city municipalities.
Our drawings are detailed and specific so that you can:
Obtain financing from a bank.
Receive accurate and competitive contractor bids.
Find how much your project should cost before you consult with a contractor.
Give them to your contractor to build your project.
You will save time and money since a well-designed project by an architect can be built more economically and efficiently.
A project designed by an architect will enhance the beauty of your home and increase its value.
With our work, you will end up with a professionally designed project that looks great, costs less, and is built right!
How This Service Works:
1. E-mail us the details of your project below. Tell us the size of your project, what you want to accomplish and what city and state you live in.
2. We will respond to your e-mail telling you which service to use, how much we will charge to design your project.
3. Once we receive all the information we need from you, a member of our architectural staff will get started on your project.

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