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Community Development

Our services including the followings:

Architectural Design

Residential Design Single Family House, Condo/Apartment, Tract House,Custom House, Log House
Community Development Urban Design Concept
Commercial Design Shopping Mall/Centers, Hotel/Motels, Offices,Restaurants
Institution Public Buildings, Educational Design
Industry Industrial Park, Factory


Structural Analysis
Tentative Tract Map
Grading Plan
Construction Management
phase 1 Entitlements, Site Planning and Conceptual Design
Scope of Work
1. Planning

Request and utilize accurate site and survey information to establish parcel size, dimensions and configuration
Prepare two development schemes for analysis with the Client
Prepare an analysis of the pro's and con's of each approach to development
Present the schemes to planning officials for initial feedback. Provide Client with feedback. Fees payable to the County for this meeting are included in this fee.
Discuss and decide with Client the most desirable scheme
Prepare a site plan consistent with the requiremen1s for the proposed zoning change, including:

Lots divisions and property lines, as applicable.

Ingress from Yorba Ave.
Internal vehicular and pedestrian circulation
Circulation connections
Location of services, including waste disposal, gang mailboxes, signage, etc.
Location of community amenities such as recreational courts, parkways, pools, laundry rooms, etc.


Prepare a site plan demonstrating the proposed building footprints, including'

Front, rear and side setbacks, as applicable.
Building entrances
Private usable outdoor areas
Required parking for residents and visitors
Provide site plan to the selected civil engineer for elaboration of a tentative tract map.
2. Conceptual design for dwelling units in two product types (varying # of bedrooms, features,bathrooms, etc), including
Typical floor plans,
Building sections,
Building elevation, and
Roof plans
Conceptual landscape design and proposed plant materials
Structural engineering consultation
Diagrams demonstrating compliance with the city's height requirements

3. Prepare materials for presentation of application, including

Colored exhibits
Sample board of building materials
Diagram enlargements
Architectural and landscape drawings
3D rendering of site

4. Project Coordination

Engineering Consultants
Select and sub-contract appropriately qualified engineering consultants(civil engineering, structural, mechanic- if necessary).
Ensure the timely and thorough completion of the work of engineering consultants. reporting to
Prosperity Consulting Group, with the objective of submitting a complete application package that can be approved swiftly.
Coordinate technical information into one comprehensive application package for smooth and simultaneous processing.

Interface with planning officials

Meet with City and County planning staff to clarify requirements and obtain feedback during the design process
Present the application at Planning Commission hearing
Prosperity Consulting Group is a problem-solving, results-oriented firm, which prides itself in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and cost conscious architectural and urban environments.


Architect – Engineer - Planner

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